Corporate Services Manager

Ashleigh joined the Techserve team in 2017 in the role of Corporate Services Manager. With over 7 years’ experience working for electrical and mechanical OEM and service workshops, Ashleigh has worked across a variety of functions with particular focus on Quality Assurance, Human Resources and Health, Safety and Environmental.

Throughout her previous tenures, Ashleigh has worked closely with various regulatory and certifying bodies, whereby she developed, implemented and maintained quality management systems in compliance with ISO 9001, MP87.1, AS/NZS 80079.34, AS/NS 3800, MP87.2 and AS/NZS 3584.
Ashleigh has completed a Bachelor of Business and a Masters of Business Administration specialising in Human Resource Management through the University of Newcastle. Additionally, Ashleigh has also completed a Certificate 4 in Occupational Health and Safety.