Our Safety

Techserve Mining & Energy is committed to a culture of safety in all areas of operations. Our Safety Manager is part of the senior leadership team, having input from a safety perspective on all aspects of the business.

The safety team incorporates site staff that are trained in the hazardous areas duties that Techserve Mining & Energy specialise in and provides support, mentoring, measurement and feedback to the teams.

Techserve Mining & Energy has established exceptional safety records on all of our duties and continues to build on the strong safety culture, our safety statistics to well below industry averages.

Techserve’s ability to provide hazardous areas auditing services also gives our team strong insight into the best ways to manage site safety. Incorporated with Techserve’s Environmental Management Plan, we provide completed HSE management and reporting for projects.

Safety & Compliance Accreditations

ISO9001 Quality Assurance system